2018 Team Fundraising Challenge

We are super excited to launch our first-ever Team Fundraising Challenge!!   We want to acknowledge your generosity in helping us to meet our fundraising goals, which allows us to keep camp registration fees as conservative as possible for everyone! Thank you!!

So what’s a Team Fundraising Challenge?

Every Team member is invited to create a personal fundraising page to promote the ‘Slow Bottle Drive’ fundraiser within her personal & social network. (Information on how to set up your fundraising page is linked below.) This is a simple fundraising initiative where you invite family and friends to save bottles and donate collected refunds through your personal fundraising page. Anyone who donates online via personal fundraising page will receive a tax-receipt for his or her donation(s).

Earn Points on Funds You Raise Toward Logo Items

The page you create will track the total funds you raise. For every hundred ($100) dollars raised, you will be awarded 15 points in ‘Swag Dollars’ which can be used to purchase Captivenia ‘Swag’ items. (Swag = Captivenia Logo items, such as Thermal Mugs, Journals, clothing, etc). For example, if you fundraise $500, you receive 75 Swag Dollars towards said items; if you fundraise $1000, you receive 150 Swag Dollars, and so on. Each Swag Dollar has a $1 value. So if you collect 75 Swag Dollars, this equals $75 dollars which you can use to purchase 2018 Logowear.

Note:  We have been asked if points earned can be used to reduce camp registration fees (instead of for swag purchases). As this is a pilot initiative that we are test-driving, and we want to keep things simple for our administration and finance volunteers, you cannot use points to discount your camp registration fees in 2018.  This will be something we evaluate for the 2019 camp.

Prizes to Top 5 Fundraisers

In addition to earning points towards the purchase of Captivenia logo items, we will also be awarding prizes to the top five fundraisers. Prizes will be awarded at Captivenia in July.

1st Dinner & Movie for Two
Keg gift card: $100
Cineplex gift card: $50

2nd Mani Spa Gift Card

3rd Custom 11x14 Print by tiSpark
$30 value

4th Starbucks Gift Card

Fundraising Leaderboard

Track your status and monitor competition by checking out the Challenge Leaderboard to see the top 10! We will update the Leaderboard weekly by Sunday.


We hope this Team Fundraising Challenge will be fun for all participants. We want each of you to know how much we appreciate your generosity and desire to be part of fundraising for the upcoming Captivenia summer camp! We are so blessed to have so many beautiful souls working together to share Jesus and build His Kingdom! May God bless and multiply all your efforts in abundance!

Nadia Rhodes
Assistant Director | Captivenia

My Dear Sisters,

I wish to give thanks for the generosity and energy with which you have responded to the call of our King and Princess Leisaura in building up the treasure vaults of Captivenia. Your efforts are appreciated and will be greatly rewarded in heaven. Should you require any assistance in your endeavours please do not hesitate to communicate your needs to myself and I will do our utmost to assist.

          In our King,
Ambassador Honora