Captivenia Girls' Camp

Enter the realm of Captivenia, an exciting medieval adventure camp designed especially to captivate the feminine heart. While following a thrilling theatrical storyline, you will embark on epic forest missions, tackle obstacle courses, create medieval crafts, learn the skill archery, and so much more! Through the celebration of the Sacraments, you will dive deeply into the beautiful mysteries of our Catholic faith.

Captivenia is located on the beautiful and scenic Britton property near Turner Valley, Alberta (approximately 45 minutes southwest of Calgary). While rustic in its setting, Captivenia provides tents with cots and showers for the comfort of those who attend.

Captivenia 2019 Highlights

Captivenia Blog

The Chronicle » July 23, 2019
The girls certainly had a busy afternoon in the marketplace!
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The Chronicle » July 22, 2019
The girls arrive, Valerian is blind, and princesses reunite.
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Magnanimity in the Ordinary
Dear women of Captivenia! I send you warmest greetings from Meridianas! I remain very grateful for the work you did
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The Cry of the Poor
A candle loses nothing by sharing its flame. All the more, when two candles are united, do the flames reach
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The Fruit of True Silence
True silence is the search of man for God. True silence is a suspension bridge that a soul in love
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The Chronicle » July 28, 2018
A very eventful morning in Captivenia began with the discovery of another piece of Lord Gabron’s map. This enabled the
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The Chronicle » July 27, 2018
The excited chit-chat of the Maidens was hushed by the arrival of the Royal Court. With great eagerness, the Finals
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The Chronicle » July 26, 2018
“No gift is too small if it is in service of the King.” An outpouring of generosity was exhibited yesterday
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