In the beginning, the King chose seven from among the Duxarium, an ancient race of Lumenorus, and transformed them into Arch-Lords. Through the powers infused in them, they were capable of forging gates into distinct realms within Lumenorus. And so Caelor in the North, Solandil in the West, Meridianas in the South, and Arcãtheos in the middle lands came to be. In time, the eastern boundries of Lumenorus became infected with enemies of the King.

When the Arch-Lord Gabron died in the defence of Arcãtheos against the evil Reth Maloch, his newborn daughter was endangered. As the only child of Lord Gabron, and the only one of her kind, her father an immortal Duxarium, her mother a mortal, Leisaura would forever be hunted by Maloch and his Dröch army. Vowing to protect her, Lord Valerian forged a new gate within Arcãtheos; creating a safe haven in the woodlands of Guarelle: Captivenia.

Chosen for it's mystique and beauty, it is said the King Himself blessed Captivenia, hiding mysteries throughout the land. Four hundred villagers, displaced by the uprising stirred up by Maloch, were chosen to resettle there. Commander Justin of Solandil was appointed Keeper of Captivenia, and his descendants thereafter. A book of moral code was entrusted to him—and the prophecy of a coming Heir.

Two generation later, Leisaura emerged from seclusion, prepared in the ways of grace by two Duxarium. Despite the efforts of Maloch's dark servant, the Phantor, Leisaura was crowned by Lord Valerian and made Princess of Captivenia. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Commander Justin's daughters, Ladies Veronica and Ronwyn, have been elevated to Ambassadors, loyal to the Princess and her subjects. It would seem Captivenia is at its strongest. But then, the Phantor is not yet in chains....