Important Policies

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All cancellations requests must be submitted in writing via email our Captivenia Registrar. This policy also applies to cancellations that may arise as a result of illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances. As our contracted expenses are also binding, the following applies:

On or before midnight May 17th: 50% refund
On or before midnight June 1st: 25% refund
On or before midnight June 17th: $0

Cell Phone & Electronic Devices Policy

Campers are not permitted to possess a cell phone or any other electronic devices for any reason while participating in Captivenia.  ​​Ideally, electronic devices should be given to parent or guardian and not brought on the property.  However, those who bring devices are required to turn them in to our Camp Registration Team at the start of camp.  Devices will be returned on the final day of camp when the camper is signed off property by parent/guardian.

Any camper violating this policy will have their phone/device confiscated until the last day of camp.  Aside from the fact that cell phones are expensive and can get lost or stolen and that the physical camp environment is not kind to such items, there is the another fundamental issue with campers having cell phones at camp: trust. Team and campers are instructed to alert a mature adult if they have any concerns or difficultues.  There is always someone they can reach out to—their Team Leader, an activity leader, one of the moms, the Camp Director(s), or First Aid Supervisor.  All are here to help and support them to have a safe and positive camp experience.

​Another concern is the built-in camera. Sadly, in other progams it is known that children have secretly taken photos or video of another camper or team member changing or showering and later uploaded these images to social media.  To reduce the possibility of this occuring, we have chosen to ban all digital cameras, cell phones, and electronic devices.

Electronic Communication/Social Media

​Electronic communication (social media) provides a venue for private communication between team and youth. Therefore, with electronic communication polies, our camp stresses transparency in all interactions.

​Electronic Communication Guidelines:

• Sending and replying to text messages from youth (minors) ONLY when copying in a supervisor or the youth's parent/guardian.
• Communicating through "group pages" on Facebook or other designated public forums.
• "Private" profiles for team/camp leadership which youth cannot access.

Mandatory Attendance Policy

To allow the girls to draw on their strengths and talents they have, Captivenia is situated in a rugged landscape. To ensure a safe and equal experience, girls are not permitted to leave the property at any time during the camp.

The storyline is a major part of what makes our program unlike any other. It is written in such a way that 'good' always conquers evil, paralleling the gospel message. We do not take evil out of the story because, although it can be scary at times, it provides a great opportunity for the girls to use virtues in a time of trial, and see that, with Christ, they can overcome evil.

Parents should be advised that some of the scenes are potentially frightening and could affect highly sensitive girls. If you are not confident that your daughter is able to participate in frightening dramatic scenes, overcome homesickness, sleep in a tent or handle unpredictable weather, please consider either waiting another year before for your daughter to attend or accompanying her on this adventure.

"Meet You There" Policy

Catholic Kids Net, Inc. follows the 'Meet You There' policy and for liability reasons does not provide transportation to or from camp.  We do keep a list of local families who have kindly offered to do airport runs and/or provide billeting.  Our Camp Registrar can provide you with contact information for these individuals. Note that these individuals are not affiliated with Catholic Kids Net, Inc., and do not participate in our Safe Environment Screening and Training requirements. It is your responsibility as the parent/guardian to interview the individual and to ensure you are comfortable with entrusting your child to their care.

Safe Environment Policy

Catholic Kids Net, Inc., is committed to providing appropriate, helpful and safe programs, by building a strong foundation upon which we can proclaim the Catholic faith with integrity. Further, we strive to protect, strengthen and support our faith community through the dedicated work of program missionaries and participants.

Safety is our primary concern for all programs.  Our policies and procedures are designed to facilitate effective screening, training, monitoring and supervision of all adult program participants, to protect minors from abuse, and adult participants from false allegations of abuse. Please read Catholic Kids Net Inc. Safe Environment Manual for detailed information.

All adults (including clergy, religious & seminarians) who desire to attend Arcātheos &/or Captivenia are required to fully comply with the Safe Environment screening process and online course training as detailed below, prior to start of programs.  Additional onsite Safe Environment Orientation is a mandatory requirement for Adult Participants.

Deadline for completion for screening and training protocols is June 30th .  

Individuals, who fail to comply with the Catholic Kids Net, Inc. Safe Environment screening and training protocols cannot participate in our programs.

Medication Policy

When you send medication to camp, it is critical that you comply with the following: *Failure to do so will result in the camper not being able to stay on site. Please keep in mind we are in a forested area and our environment can trigger allergies.

CKNet Medication Policy:

• All medication must be in the original container (from your Pharmacist), labelled with the individual name and dosage information. **No exceptions*

• Medications will be self-administered by the participant or by their guardian. Staff and volunteers will not apply or dispense medication.

• Expired medications will not be accepted and the parent or guardian will be required to visit the local pharmacy to obtain a current prescription before your child can attend camp.

• Upon arrival at camp, all medications must be given to the First Aid Supervisor who will hold and disburse medications according to directives.

• No minor (under age 18) may possess any drugs, prescription or non-prescription, on their person or in their baggage at any time, with exception of an asthma inhaler or EpiPens.

• Unused medication that is not picked up at the end of the camp will be disposed of immediately following the end of camp.

Epipen Protocol

For participants who may require the use of an Epi-pen, the following information is required:

1) Detailed instructions on how to use the EpiPen.
2) The participant should be informed on how to use the EpiPen prior to arriving at camp.
3) Two EpiPens must be supplied. The participant will keep one with themselves at all times and the first-aid personnel will keep one.
4) Both will be returned with the participant at the end of camp.

Asthma Inhalers

• Please supply a minimum of two new (full) inhalers; one kept by camper other given to First-Aid Supervisor.

Prescription Medication:

• Must be in the camper’s name.

• Must be sent in original packaging with only the intended number of doses to be used (i.e. don’t send an entire bottle if you don’t anticipate it all to be used). Most pharmacies will offer to package medication in 2 separate bottles (1 for camp, 1 for home) upon renewal of a refill or request. NOTE: Medications not in date or original container cannot be accepted.

Over-the-counter medication:

• Must have camper’s name on it and instructions for use.

• This must be sent in original packaging with only the intended number of doses to be used (i.e. don’t send an entire bottle if you don’t anticipate it all to be used)

Special Dietary Requests

In prior years, we have worked to accommodate food sensitivities and/or dietary preferences at increased cost and additional challenges for our caterer and volunteer team. At this time, we will only offer meal modification to those presenting with dietary needs due to an existing medical issue (e.g. celiac disease). These individuals will need to work pre-camp with our catering liaison to establish a protocol for food management. There may be additional costs from the caterer for these requests. Individuals with food sensitivities (gluten, dairy, etc) or dietary preferences (paleo, vegan, etc) can be assured of a broad selection of available food with each meal. Thank you for your understanding of this protocol change.