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— Story of 2019 —

The village of Borealton continues to flourish and is again a place of joy and prosperity. Looking at the villagers now and their beautiful homes, you would never have suspected the kinds of trials and tribulations that they endured just last year under the oppression of the Valgray. Melanie’s act of courage, in seeking out the aid of Captivenia, was truly a saving grace for all.

Following the Festival of Maidens, Princess Genevé and the Lady Amalaya returned to the Kingdom of Caelor but for several weeks after the Maidens' departure. ArchLord Valerian remained. He and the Princess Illyria spent many long days together, rejoicing in all that the King had done and recounting tales of their time apart. While there were surely a few sorrowful memories to be shared, much laughter could be heard throughout all of Cassador.

Lady Illyria has proven to be a kind and gentle Princess. Her visions continue to bless the Kingdom, preventing harm and averting tragedy. Recently, however, she has retreated into prayer with greater frequency. She has not spoken of what the King has revealed to her there but there are whispers among the villagers that far to the East people have been disappearing. Entire villages have all but vanished overnight and there are rumours of dark figures, lurking in the shadows. Could the two be connected? But then again, they are just rumours...