These camp rates seem much higher than other summer camp programs, why is that?

Captivenia, a program of Catholic Kids Net, Inc., operates as an independent not-for-profit summer camp program for girls, ages 9 – 17.  Although we work in close collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Calgary to ensure the highest caliber program for the youth, we do not receive any funding through the Diocese or government grants.  The cost you see reflects the amount we need for the camp to run.  We rely on the support of generous benefactors and on fund-raising initiatives by our team of committed volunteers to subsidize the participant registration fees.  The Bellesera fee covers 50% of their total expense for the Leadership Training.  The fee for Maidens is likewise subsidized.  As a further gift to the girls, we ask all team and adult volunteers to pay their minimum costs for their food while at camp.

We understand that this can be a high investment for families who are hoping to send more than one Bellesera or Maiden in a family.  For families who need a bit of assistance, we are happy to offer a payment plan. Please email our Administrator to discuss payment options. 

Our family is travelling from out-of-province to bring our girls to Captivenia, is there camping available close-by?

There are many wonderful locations for your family to set up and enjoy a bit of the Kananaskis country, as it is not permitted for families to camp on the Britton Property.  You can Google search any of the following (and more):

1) Sandy McNabb Campground is located approximately 25 kms west of Turner Valley

2) Blue Rock Campground is located approximately 40 kms west of Turner Valley

3) Foothills Lions Campground, Centennial Park, Black Diamond, AB Ph: (403)933-5785

4) Hell’s Half Acre Campground, Turner Valley, AB Ph: (403)933-8538 

5) Okotoks Lions Sheep River Campground, Okotoks, AB Ph: (403)938-4282

I would love to be part of Captivenia and contribute to my daughter’s camp experience, can I bring my nursing baby/toddler, or preschooler with me?

Only those registered for camp are permitted on the property for the duration of the camp program.  We regret that younger siblings can NOT attend Captivenia, as per our insurance and liability policies.  We hope that you will be able to volunteer at Captivenia sometime in the future. If you would like to assist in other areas, we have many projects which would be ideal for mother’s at home.

I have heard the theatrics can be quite dramatic in depicting evil characters and frightening storylines, and I note that you have a warning on your website regarding highly sensitive girls; what is the methodology behind the decision to focus the plot on good and evil?

A lot of people ask why we incorporate the concepts of 'good and evil' in our storyline. In the most basic answer, it is our goal to parallel Christ and the absence of Christ. As Catholics we believe that 'all good things have their source in God, because his essence is perfect goodness.’  Evil is then the deprivation of that goodness. It is more simply when we have turned our hearts away from God. This is a reality that many people try desperately to ignore. 

At Captivenia, we do not ignore this! With this in mind, when the girls enter into our, well thought-out storyline, they are embarking on a journey that will see those two realities.  Evil is represented by a character who has turned his/her hearts away from the King. In doing this, they become self-centered, corrupted, prideful and mean. Sometimes, they can look downright ugly.

Using virtues as their weapons, the girls assist in the battle between good and evil. Making it even clearer, that when a situation gets difficult, or seems hopeless, or when you are scared and feel alone, your relationship with "The King" will guide you. We don't need to hide or cower away, but to stand confident knowing that with Christ, we can overcome evil.