Registration Information


All Maidens, Bellesera, Team & Adult Volunteers must complete online registration to secure their spot. Currently registration fees can be paid online (Registration Portal) with credit card or you can pay by cheque made payable to “Catholic Kids Net, Inc.” and mailed to:

Catholic Kids Net, Inc. 
43 Maligne Drive
Devon, AB
T9G 1P7

Fundraising Ideas for Campers

We are always inspired by the initiatives some of our Captivenia Campers undertake to raise funds to cover their registration fees and camp costs.  Girls as young as eight or nine have shared how they have collected bottles, set up lemonade stands, sold baking and more, to raise funds toward their camp fees!  How inspiring is that!!  Follow the link below for ideas and inspiration to help you get started with your own personal Captivenia Summer Camp Fundraising campaign!

Fundraising Ideas for Campers »

Packing List

HINT: Check off items as you go so you don't miss anything!

Money (optional, if you wish to purchase a keep-sake Captivenia Blanket, toque, additional t-shirts or hoodies)

Jeans and shorts

Warm Jacket

Warm Sweater

Toque (you can purchase the official Captivenia toque online) and Gloves (for mornings and/or night)

Socks (bring an several pairs to ensure you always have dry, warm feet). Lots of socks!

Warm Pyjamas (consider onesie or long underwear in case of a cold night)

Journal or notebook and pens

Bible & Rosary

Dress for the Medieval Banquet (dressing for the theme is optional, though the majority of girls and moms lovethis experience). Please keep modesty in mind!

Hand/foot warmers! (Hotties)

Underwear (one for every day at camp plus couple extra)

Rain Gear (jacket, pants and rubber boots - very important!)

High quality Rain Poncho with Hood (cheaper version will be torn in bush, so if choosing these items please purchase multiples.

Extra Shoes (We will spend time in the forest and at the river, please pack accordingly)

Toiletries: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental floss, Brush and Hair Accessories, Small Mirror (optional), Deodorant, Bath Towel and Facecloth x 2, Ziplocks for Toiletries

Feminine Hygiene products

Flip Flops for showers

Swimming Suit


Flashlight with Batteries

Bug Spray, After-bite and Sun Screen

WATCH - Bellesera need one

2-4 Garbage Bags (for wet clothes and dirty laundry)

Warm Sleeping Bag (see Tips for Good Sleep)

Closed cell foam sleeping mat (exercise/yoga mat will also work)

Meresera Packing List

HINT: Check off items as you go so you don't miss anything!

Heavy duty leather work gloves

Sturdy hiking boots (waterproof is best)

Work socks

Rubber boots & rain gear

Earplugs & sleeping mask

Backpack or fanny pack &/or leather belt to carry water bottle, radio and other essential items

Shovels, pitch forks, and other gardening implements for scene construction
Please make sure everything is labeled

Tools if you are into construction
Please make sure everything is labeled

Flashlight &/or Headlamp for night-time work

Insulated coffee mug (this will conserve on usage of paper products)

Refillable water bottle or canteen

Forbidden Items

These items will be confiscated at start of camp.
✦ DO NOT BRING personal snack food or drinks (arrangements can be made for medical reasons, but these will be stored for you)
✦ DO NOT BRING cellular phones (we have a camp phone for emergencies only)
✦ DO NOT BRING any electronic entertainment devices (ie. IPODS, PSP, etc...)
✦ DO NOT BRING matches or other fire starting materials
✦ DO NOT BRING knives or other blades

Important Dates and Times

July 18th 2:00pm

Start Bellesera Training
Bellesera ONLY Arrival (Ages 13-17)
Do not arrive before 2:00pm & please eat lunch prior to arrival

July 22nd 2:00pm

Start Captivenia
Maidens (Ages 9-12) Note: Mom, or another female adult, required for 9-year-olds.
Do not arrive before 2:00pm & please eat lunch prior to arrival

July 28th 2:00pm

Captivenia and Bellesera Training Ends

Mass, Final Ceremony & Lunch

Saturday, July 28th

11:00am - Mass » Families & friends welcome.

12:15pm - Captivenian Farewell Ceremony in Castle Courtyard

1:30pm - Lunch » RSVP to if you wish to join us for lunch.
($15/person, $60/family suggested minimum donation)

2:00pm - Camper Checkout » Parents/guardians are required to sign out minors with Staff before departing property.

Directions to Camp

» From Turner Valley, travel west on Hwy 546 for about 6 km

» Turn left (south) on to Township Rd 200 (dirt road)
Note that the Bar-N Ranch will be on your right, immediately across from the turn
Captivenia signage will be off the highway

» Travel for 1 km (east)

» Turn right (south) onto the Britton Ranch

Zoom in for directions

Mandatory Camp Uniform

Official Captivenia t-shirts, hoodies and caps are available for all campers, team and volunteers and we request that these be worn at all times to ensure a good sense of team unity.

We can only able to guarantee quantities and sizes for orders placed by June 8, 2018. Please ensure you register and order early to avoid disappointment.

1) Official Captivenia T-shirts: (1 t-shirt included with registration). We recommend a minimum of three t-shirts for Maidens (9-12 years old) and five for Bellesera (13-16 years old).

2) Official Captivenia Cap: (provided)

3) Official Captivenia Hoodie: For cooler weather we strongly encourage every camper have an Official Captivenia Hoodie. If possible, two hoodies would be great in case one gets wet.

Please note our Captivenia Hoodies are highly popular and will likely not be available for “last minute purchases” at camp, to avoid disappointment order at time of registration.

4) Pants: Blue jeans, or blue jean shorts/capri’s recommended if possible. (Please do not bring short shorts.)

5) Navy Rain-gear and jackets are recommended if possible.

Logowear Size Chart

Ladies General Sizing Guide
Numeric Size4-68-1012-141618-20
Youth General Sizing Guide
Numeric Size10-1214-16
Sleeve Length—CB26-27.5”27.5-29”


Tips for Good Sleep

We find the nights are a particular challenge for camp participants. Temperatures can dip quite low and often girls are not able to sleep as they are cold. One challenge is the girls sleep on elevated cots and the cold air does come up through the bottom of the cot and can chill right through air mattresses and sleeping bags. We highly recommend the following items to keep your daughter(s) warm and ensure a good rest.

1) Cell foam between the cot and the sleeping bag (closed cell foam is best). It can be found for about $15 Campers Village. Many campers find an exercise (yoga) mat works well to block the cold.

2) Single width foamy, air mattress or similar (to make cot more comfortable).

3) Warm sleeping bag (the higher the rating the better).

4) Warm clothing for sleeping. Girls who wear ‘onesies,’ sweats or leggings, socks and hoodies (or toques) get the best rest. Encourage your daughter to dress in layers for bed.

5) Please Note: You can purchase your Official Captivenia Toque & ‘Blankie’ to use as a sleeping bag liner and for extra warmth!!

Mandatory Attendance Policy

Captivenia is situated in a rugged landscape as a means for girls to draw on the talents and strengths they have. To ensure safe and equal experience, girls are not permitted to leave the property at any time during the camp, unless for medical emergencies.

Parents should be advised that some of the scenes are potentially frightening and could affect highly sensitive girls. The storyline is a major part of what makes our camp unlike any other. It is written in such a way that 'good' always conquers evil, paralleling the gospel message. We do not take evil out of the story because it can be scary at times, but give opportunity for the maidens to use virtue in a time of trial, and see that with Christ we can overcome evil.

If you do not believe that your daughter is able to sleep in a tent, watch frightening dramatic scenes, overcome homesickness, or to handle the challenges of inclement weather, please consider waiting another year for her to mature.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If camper cancels prior to June 1st, a 50% refund will be issued. After June 15th, or in the event that a camper leaves program early, no refund will be issued. All cancellation refunds to be requested via email to Captivenia Camp Administrator.