Create Your Personal Fundraising Webpage

Before you begin...

Before you begin to create your fundraising page, please review all the following steps.   You will need to prepare some personal information in advance to copy onto the page you are creating. If you have a personal photo from a previous year at camp, have this ready to upload to your page! You can check out a couple of Team pages on links below, feel free to copy and paste description details into your page.   You will be able to return and edit your page in the future, so don't worry about making it perfect.

» Kirsten Rhodes

» Karen Doran


1) To get started...
To start creating your custom page, click the link below. This will take you to Canada Helps Landing Page. This is our online donation partner.

2) Create an account
Please create a Canada Helps account for yourself if you do not already have one.

3) Once you are Logged in to Canada Helps you will see the following page:

4) Select Fund 5 Captivenia Girls Camp-Base Camp & Operations

5) Select type of fundraiser
» Other

6) Your Page Title
Captivenia 'Slow Bottle Drive' Fundraiser (Your Name)
(Your Name) 'Slow Bottle Drive Fundraisier'

7) Set your fundraising period
Start Date: Today's Date
End Date: July 13, 2018

8) Set your fundraising goal
$500 (or higher if you like).

9) Enter name of the page owner
Enter your name here.

10) Check both boxes:

- Make the list of received donations visible to all visitors to my page.
- Send me an email each time someone makes a donation to my fundraiser.

11) Your Fundraising Story
Inspire your friends, family and co-workers to support the cause through your fundraising story. The better they connect with your story, the more likely they will make a donation. Be sure to not just tell them what the cause is, but why the cause is important to you.

12) Summary
Provide a short description of your fundraiser. This will be displayed when friends or family search for your fundraiser. (Maximum 140 characters)

13) Click on ‘Create Fundraising Page’
Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can go back and edit anytime. This will take you to the ‘Add Images & Videos’ Page.

14) Featured Image
Click on Upload image & choose a picture of yourself. If you have a character photo of yourself, feel free to use that.

15) Scroll down to 'Videos,' Add a Video.  Copy & paste URL:

16) Caption
"Captivenia Promotional Video"

17) Click on 'Save Images & Videos.'

18) Bookmark
Click on the highlighted link and bookmark your personal page for future reference.

19) Promote!
Promote your page using the social media widgets to Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

20) Reach the top!
Remember to visit the Challenge Leaderboard to track your progress!  Have fun and thank you!!