The Chronicle » April 24, 2020

"He then said to his disciple, "Look, here is your mother!" From that very time the disciple took her into his own home.” { John 19:27 }

In the Kingdom of Captivenia

While we are deeply saddened by the news that the Maidens and Bellesera from the mortal realm will not be joining us this year for the Festival of Maidens, life has continued as usual here in Captivenia. The market continues to flourish as the weather grows more pleasant. The Messengers are ever busy, running throughout all of Lumenorus and keeping a watchful eye for any signs of the fallen Duxarium Amalaya, the Coven, or the other Inferiun that mysteriously escaped from Praedor at the end of last year’s festival.

Many troubled souls continue to flock to the shelter of our Kingdom, seeking rest and healing that they know only the King can provide. We gladly open our doors to ones such as these! For that is the mission of Captivenia—to be a shelter for all and a place of healing, where all may discover new life and have it abundantly in the King.

Help Needed!

Volunteers needed to help prepare meals for the Rangers out patrolling the furthest reaches of the lands of Captivenia. Must be nutrient-dense, reasonably delicious, and high in protein.

The food, that is.

Prayer of the Week

Mary Dear, you are my mother. Please take my hand, tell me where to go, who to see, and what to say. Please don’t let go of my hand Mary, because I need you and I will always love you.

Never Alone

“Then he said to the disciple, “Behold your Mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.” —John 19:27

Imagine for a few seconds that you are in St. John’s or Mary Magdalene’s place at the foot of the cross. They are watching their best friend die, and it's unfair and cruel. This is literally the worst day of their lives. It’s also the worst day for their friends, the other apostles. So why are they the only ones who made it all the way to the foot of the cross?

The other apostles loved Jesus too, and St. John and Mary Magdalene were probably just as scared as everyone else. They were probably terrified of what might happen to them. Perhaps the reason they were able to make it to the cross was because they were doing it with Our Lady by their side.  They weren’t doing this on their own.

This cross, this challenge, this fear they had to overcome—they chose not to try it on their own. Jesus, from the cross, confirms their choice by telling us all that Mary is to be our mother, the one always on our side against everything we must face.

Every single one of us has crosses (or fears), but not a single one of us is meant to carry or face them alone. It doesn’t make us stronger to carry our crosses alone. As daughters of the King, we have the Queen with us, waiting for us to look to her for help. All it takes is for us to ask, and we have all the power of the Queen of Heaven on our side. How amazing is that?! Look to Our Lady and remember, “Behold my Mother!”

Wise Words

Despair is when:
You desire something good
And know it is difficult to achieve
But you believe it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Hope is when:
You desire something good
And know it is difficult to achieve
But believe it IS POSSIBLE

So have HOPE because the King has made all things POSSIBLE!


A prize of 100 gold pieces awarded to whoever is able to apprehend the bothersome thief who continues to intercept important Messenger transmissions. Enough is enough! There will be no more publishing of their personal communications in the Chronicle.

Intercepted Transmissions

Lost & Found

Lost: Cloak clasp.
Found: Cloak.

Quotable Quotes

"I didn't fall. I was checkng to see if gravity still works. It does.” —Lady Celestria

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