Magnanimity in the Ordinary

Dear women of Captivenia! I send you warmest greetings from Meridianas! I remain very grateful for the work you did to restore Borealton last year. You all continue to inspire me!

Of late, I have been pondering the beauty of the many souls around me—souls who challenge and encourage me every day. In particular, I have noticed a young lady around the age of 16. She has been an example to me of the virtue of magnanimity.

I sense that this young woman is developing a deep relationship with the King that enables her to anticipate the needs of those around her. While her mother’s health is declining, and with her father away on the front lines of Arcātheos, she has been a strength for her family. She takes care of her younger kin and looks after household duties. She does not shrink from responsibility. Rather, she rises early to seek the King’s light and guidance in prayer before endeavoring to serve her loved ones in what may seem like the most of mundane tasks. However, that which appears insignificant is, in reality, very great in the eyes of the One who calls her to such acts of love! This is especially true because she does these things in gratitude for all that the King has given her. That is what makes her soul very great, indeed!

Magnanimity is sometimes about bringing glory to the King through incredible sacrifices of time, talent, and treasure through His grace. An example of this is the annual Festival of Maidens in Captivenia, made possible through the generosity of many. The King is pleased to bestow on each soul particular talents to help us accomplish the mission that He has for each one of us.

But in the end, true greatness of the soul requires that we begin by loving in simple, quiet ways. Then, we must remain open to the call of the King and to what He asks of us in each moment. Truly, this is where our happiness lies. . . in finding what it is He has created us for!

Princess Leisaura

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