Team Application

  • Contact Information

    • Please upload a simple portrait photograph of yourself.
  • Missionary Work

  • Captivenia is an opportunity for young adults to serve the youth as missionaries. Have you been involved with ministry or youth programs before? (e.g. Kids for Jesus, Challenge, teaching gymnastics, dance or other activity, etc.) Please explain:
  • Have you heard about the Feminine Genius? What does it mean to you and has it impacted your life?
  • At Captivenia, we strive to encourage our missionaries to grow in their talents but also in other areas of their life. Please describe any talents you'd like to share at camp, as well as any areas where you feel God may be challenging you. Examples of talents may include crafting, music, leadership, organization, construction, decor, vision, activities, etc.
  • CKNet requires all missionaries of Captivenia to fill out an official application in paper for various logistical and legal requirements. This preliminary application will introduce you to the Director and begin the process of determining your suitability as a candidate for the Captivenia Team.